DHB Hacksaw Bowling Arm



The DHB Bowling Arm is custom crafted to a very high degree of precision by a master craftsman using high tech materials.   Very little effort is needed to hold the bowl, just cup the hand over the lever and hold slightly.   The DHB Bowling Arm will grip the bowl with ease.   To release, just straighten your fingers and your bowl will effortlessly leave the arm for a perfect release. It’s very user friendly. The DHB Bowling Arm is extremely light-weight, yet still a very strong device.   It’s only an amazing 330gms in total.    This means it does not interfere with either your swing or weight perception so you can adjust to it so much quicker.

To find the best size for you, please measure your hand to ground length.   From there, select the measurement closest to your hand to ground measurement.   Stuck between sizes? The recommendation is to always go to the smaller one!    If your hand to ground measurement is 740mm, you would be opting for the small.   You do not want to go up as the risk of hitting the ground when delivering your bowl will occur.   These measurements below are the hand to ground measurements, not to be confused with the arm length.
Extra Small: 680 mm
Small: 720 mm
Medium: 760 mm
Large: 820 mm
Extra Large: 880 mm

Available Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Lavender, Maroon, Pink, Red and White.

Approved by Bowls Australia.