Henselite Accessories Gift Pack



Henselite Accessories Gift Pack contains

  • 1 Dri Tec Towel
  • 1 Tube Grippo
  • 1 Henselock Measure

It’s a great gift for any bowler!

More about the contents:

The Henselite Dri Tec Towel will absorb moisture from bowls and hands, keeping them dry and providing superior grip.
Engineered from a high-tech microfibre developed for high performance sports use.

• Highly absorbent
• Quick drying
• Colour stable
• Machine washable
• Soft to touch
• 300 x 550mm

Excellent for bowls and other sporting activities that require moisture to be absorbed from hands or equipment.

Grippo is the best-selling bowls polish in the world. Assists with grip and easy to apply. Grippo comes in a convenient screw cap tube.
To use, apply sparingly to surface of bowl, allow to dry, polish with soft bowls cloth or polishing sleeve.

The popular Henselock Measure has a durable, moulded casing and a rustproof, steel-coated tape 1.9 metres in length (6’2”).
It’s smooth action and retractable tape make it so easy to use!   The Henselock also includes calipers for a close measure which store away tidily inside the measure casing.